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Making Alex Uncomfortable: Part 2

You're safe.
You lean against the wall. You reach into your pocket and take out a small shred of paper where you had the apartment number written down in case you forgot it. Which you did, because upon closer inspection, that wasn't a 1, it was a 7. Door 307. Not 301. You apparently can't even read your own handwriting. You slide against the wall, sinking into a sitting position on the floor, and proceed to feel like garbage for a few moments. All of that could have been avoided if you weren't such an…ugh.
You look down at your absurdly overstuffed gut and poke it worriedly. Oh god, it’ big. It looks like a flesh-colored exercise ball. How are you supposed to meet Nina and Jenny now? You can't let them see you like this, you can't let ANYONE see you like this but you're standing in the hallway of this apartment complex and you can't leave without anyone seeing you and even if you could you'd be letting Nina down and oh god you
:icontokobakure:Tokobakure 41 13
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one character, none of those fancy colors or backgrounds
Lines + Flat Colors
(one character, no background, ignore the fact that this example has two characters and a background)
(again, one character, no background)
Two Character Sketch (or one character + background sketch)
i don't actually have any examples for this one but it should speak for itself; i pretty much just have to make a listing for every possible pricing combination, otherwise people wouldn't be able to buy it

(also i'm charging a static $8 for the background here even though it might normally cost less depending on complexity because deviantart's commission widget is dumb and i don't want to make a separate listing for EVERY single possible purchase amount and this is one reason i prefer paypal)
Two Character Lines + Flat Colors
(again i don't have an example for this one but i might as well make this particular dollar amount an option)
Two Characters Shaded (or one character shaded + background)
since both of these options would cost the same amount and i don't feel like making a separate listing for both of them, have this; either two characters without a background, or one character with one (i don't actually have a preview image involving a single character with a background, whoops)
Two Characters Shaded + Background
(i don't know what to say here)


United States

Base Prices
Sketch: $10
Lines + Flat Color: $16
Shaded: $20

Additional Options
Extra Characters will generally cost as much as the first to add, so 3 sketched characters would be $30.
If a character is only partially visible, like if you want me to draw a pair of boobs so big they cover someone's whole body, I can do 50% off for that.
Background: Depends on complexity. If you want like some swirling colors that take 10 seconds to add or anything like that then it's no extra charge, but the more complex it is the higher the price will be.

I can also do other things like multi-paneled comics and animations, drawn in my sketch style or fully colored/shaded if you want, though if you want the latter you should expect a significantly higher price. The overall price of things like comics and animations would, of course, vary wildly depending on length and complexity, so message me if you have an idea and I'll try to figure out a price based on how much effort I expect it to take.

As you’re probably aware I mostly draw expansion/inflation/vore/belly stuffing things, but feel free to ask for whatever you want and I’ll let you know if it’s something i want to take a shot at; it doesn’t necessarily HAVE to be expansion art (though that’s my forte and I don’t really know how you would have even come across me if that isn’t what you want). I’ll do humans, furries, horned troll aliens, whatever, males too if the character is cute enough (no beefcakes sorry). The only thing I can think of to mention is that I won’t do full body weight gain beyond basic plumpness; I can do somewhat chubby, curvy, thunder thighs etc if you want, just not like, anything with rolls of fat (but obviously I’ll do any combination of butt/belly/breasts of any size).

Also I'm no longer accepting point commissions, sorry. Paypal only. It was just too much of a hassle.

Message me if you're interested! Include a reference image (if available) for the character(s) you want along with details concerning poses, sizes of body parts, and whatever else you can think of to specify.

Oh, and let me know if you want your image to be sent privately, otherwise it'll be posted publicly (same deal with being anonymous for publicly posted images; unless you specify otherwise I'll link to your deviantart/tumblr to show who commissioned it. But don't worry, if you want everything to be private I'll make sure of that).



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